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Hall Cherokee II

Scale 1/3

Scale:          1/3
Span:           4,50 Mtr
Weight:     9-10 Kgs
Five functions: Elevator, Rudder, Aileron, Airbrake and tow release.

Includes printed plan

Canopy avaiable


The Cherokee was designed by Hall to provide homebuilders with an easy-to-construct and inexpensive aircraft.

The Cherokee structure is built from wood and covered in doped aircraft fabric covering. The fuselage features truss construction, with longerons and gussets and a fixed monowheel landing gear. The wing has two spars, with geodetic braces handling the torsion loads and is built with a fixed center section and removable outer wing panels. The wings have spoilers on the top surfaces and use a Gö 549 airfoil.

As with all plans-built aircraft, builders have made modifications to the design. Some examples have been built with leading edges made from aluminium, cardboard, glass reinforced plastic and plywood and with many different styles of canopy.

General characteristics:


Crew: 1 pilot

Crew: one

Wingspan: 12.19 m

Wing area: 11.6 m2

Aspect ratio: 12.8

Airfoil: Gö 549

Empty weight: 154 kg)

Gross weight: 240 kg