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Scale 1/3

Scale:          1/3
Span:           5,33 Mtr
Weight:       9-10 Kgs
Five functions: Elevator, Rudder, Aileron, Airbrake and tow release.

Includes printed plan

Canopy avaiable


VT-16 Orlik was designed by Jiri MatejĨek and is a high-wing monoplane of all-wood construction, except that the skin is stabilized with polystyrene foam. Its wing has a single spar structure with a forward torsion box; the whole wing is plywood skinned and foam filled, allowing the ribs to be comparatively widely spaced. In plan it is straight-tapered with blunt tips; there are 3° of dihedral. It has conventional plain ailerons and spoilers at mid-chord, which extend both above and below the wing. At the time of its first flight in August 1959 it was a Standard Class glider with a 15 m span. Later aircraft had 16 m and 18 m spans but it was the 16 m version that went into series production.


General characteristics:


Crew: 1

Length: 7,4 m

Wingspan: 16 m

Wing area:12,80 m2

Empty weight: 215 kg

Max takeoff weight: 320 kg