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Slingsby T34 Sky

Scale 1/4

Scale:          1/4
Span:           4,5 Mtr
Weight:       7-9 Kgs
Five functions: Elevator, Rudder, Aileron, Airbrake and tow release.

Includes printed plan

Canopy avaiable


The single seat Slingsby Sky resulted from Slingsby's experience at the 1948 International Gliding Contests, where they flew their 15 m span Gull IV. T.

The Sky is a wooden aircraft, using the traditional spruce for stressed members and birch ply elsewhere. Its wing has a constant chord inner section over the first 30% of span, then tapers on both edges to a rounded tip.  Air brakes are mounted on the spars as aerodynamically balanced pairs above and below wing; the lower panel open into the airstream and lever the upper ones against it. There were no flaps.

General characteristics:


Crew: 1

Length: 7.738 m

Wingspan: 18.00 m

Wing area: 17.37 m2

Aspect ratio: 18.7

Empty weight: 249.5 kg

Max takeoff weight: 362.9 kg